Marguerite Johnson


Marguerite Johnson is a Spiritual Guidance Facilitator in private practice in Bellingham. (  For over 20 years she has facilitated spiritual groups for women and has offered private retreats. As a religious sister and teacher in the Catholic Church for 10 years, Marguerite laid the foundation for a life of spiritual practices.  Her deepest spiritual practice has been to cultivate the awareness of living in the present moment. Marguerite’s experience of cancer took her down new avenues of self-discovery and invited her to face her own possible death.  As a Hospice volunteer, she is now privileged to witness and behold the sacred in the stories of those who are dying.

Marguerite is also a facilitator for the support group “Mending Babyloss”. In 2014 she has engaged in a year long immersion program in Systemic Family Constellation work. Marguerite and her husband are grateful to be parents of four grown children and three grandchildren. To contact Marguerite, email  or call 360-201-8734.