Spiritual Direction


Spiritual direction, sometimes called spiritual companionship, is a process of accompanying people on a spiritual journey. It is an ongoing relationship in which a person desirous of being attentive to his or her spiritual journey regularly meets with a spiritual director ( usually once a month) for the purpose of becoming more attuned to the presence of God’s spirit in all of life. 

Spiritual direction provides a setting to explore and learn new ways of praying. It fosters trust in one’s experiences of God in daily life and can lead to being more “awake” to the present moment.

A spiritual director is someone who, with you, pays attention to your interior life, who cares about your deeper self, your heart’s desires, who helps you interpret your ongoing experiences and learn the art of discernment (the knack of knowing which inner voices to trust and which to greet with suspicion) and who listens to, encourages and challenges you on your spiritual journey. This ministry is offered to people of all Christian denominations and none.

Usually, people seeking spiritual direction have discovered within themselves a growing desire to become more aware of who they are and who God is in their lives. They are looking for help and companionship on their faith journey. Some people begin spiritual direction in response to a faith crisis or during a time of loss and grief. Others use this ministry when they want support in learning how to discern crucial life decisions that are facing them. Wherever one is in life, having a “companion of the inner way”, as spiritual directors are sometimes called, can be life-giving.

Spiritual Directors International’s website provides a wealth of useful information on spiritual direction, including a list of questions to ask a prospective spiritual director. Click on link to connect to SDI:


Linda Conroy, MA, a member of the Stillpoint Discernment team and a trained spiritual director, meets with people who desire spiritual direction. She can be contacted via email, lnd.conroy@gmail.com or phone 360-733-9414.