Stillpoint Cross

“We do not understand the meaning of the cross and the seriousness of our vocation to die with Christ in order to rise with him to a new life. It is perfectly true that we die with him in baptism and rise from the dead; but this is only the beginning of a series of deaths and resurrections. We are not ‘converted’ only once in our life but many times, and this endless series of large and small ‘conversions’, inner revolutions, leads finally to our transformation in Christ.”
Thomas Merton


The cross shown in this picture, which is located near the Stillpoint cabin.  Is was created from natural materials collected on the Holy Island of Lindisfarne, off the coast of Northumbria, UK.

The work of creating the cross was done by Barbara and Joe Cassell, members of St. Aelred’s Church. The cross was given to Linda when, after many years of living in the north of England, she and her husband moved to Bellingham, WA.

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