Stillpoint at Beckside, an inclusive spirituality center rooted in the Christian contemplative tradition, welcomes all those seeking to experience the Divine Mystery. Stillpoint offers the community spiritual practices, resources and educational opportunities to nourish and support one’s sacred journey.

Stillpoint provides inside and outside reflective space for exploring creative forms of prayer. A private reflective space (the Cabin) is available for individuals desiring to have a “Quiet Day”, but there are no overnight accommodations. 

“As long as we identify “contemplative” with a lifestyle based on silence and separation, we’re always going to be in implicit tension with the world. The real challenge is to learn how to be the still point in the turning world, flowing into this world with the spaciousness of the infinite, flowing out INTO the world, to bless and harmonize it, not to thrust ourselves upward and away from it.” ~ Cynthia Bourgeault

Stillpoint at Beckside is located at 1625 Huntley Road, Bellingham, about 20 minutes from downtown Bellingham. This rural retreat center/home is on five acres with a spacious outdoor wooded area for walking and meditating and two labyrinths. On a clear day there are glorious views of Mount Baker from the deck and main rooms. At present, Stillpoint is not easily accessible for those with mobility challenges.

Creating contemplative space for people has been central to the work of preparing our retreat setting.  The location of the Stillpoint cross is near a small stream that runs through our 5 acre property. The name for our retreat center evolved out of a sense of perceiving the cross as a symbol of the “Stillpoint” in our lives. In northern England, a small stream is  called a “beck”.  Thus the name of our retreat center is derived by the location of the cross, the “Stillpoint”, being near a beck.

Days of reflection and workshops offered here are posted on this website under “Upcoming Events“.  For information about Quiet Days and the Stillpoint Cabin please contact Linda Conroy.

For further information about Stillpoint and/or spiritual direction, please contact Linda Conroy (360-733-9414) or any other member of the Stillpoint team. To receive the monthly Stillpoint newsletter by email, simply complete the form on this page. Your personal information will never be shared.

Stillpoint at Beckside Spirituality Center is a 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit corporation and contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowable by law.

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